Monday, 1 October 2012

Halloween Forest on general release!

At last it's out! Scheduled for July, but postponed until the Autumn. Now, finally, today,  the picture book Halloween Forest is on sale in bookshops across the US and online!

Author Marion Dane Bauer has blogged about the book here.

Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews have also given the book a thumbs up. Starred review no less!

Here's a few images from the book (artwork scans before text)

I'll talk about some of the processes involved in creating the illustrations in my next post.


Stephen Aitken said...

Awesome illustrations John. This is going to be a huge halloween hit. You're gonna be spooked by all the success!

Phyllis Pollema-Cahill said...

Wonderful illustrations! I love the type on the bones. It's so inventive. I hope your book does really well.

Unknown said...

Yes, beautiful illustrations. I have a question about how you format your artwork. It looks like these illustrations are for a double page spread. The book I am working on I plan to mostly double page spreads and will make the artwork 25% bigger than what the final trim will be. Is that how you do it? I will be careful to keep proper gutter clearance from anything pertinent. Some say, 1/2" either side of gutter, others say 1" what do you suggest? If I am starting 25% bigger than trim do the gutter measurements also need to be bigger. Appreciate any wisdom you can share.

John Shelley said...

I generally work about 115% - 120% bigger than repro size, it varies depending on the size of the final trim, bigger sized books have somewhat less expansion, I work to a convenient size for my drawing board, if artwork gets too big it's unwieldy. Gutter measurements should also increase in line with the art dimensions.